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TerraTrike Logo

WizWheelz Inc., the company that designs and manufactures the TerraTrike was founded in 1996 by a couple of life-long friends Jack Wiswell & Wayne Oom.

What started out as a rough sketch on a Christmas party cocktail napkin- like so many great ideas - has organically grown into the recumbent industry's darling that is known for its super high quality and low weight.

Terratrike Recumbent Trikes, Parts & Accessories

TerraTrike Teardrop Flag
Be seen with this highly visible teardrop style flag. Made from very sturdy...
Tandem TerraTrike

Tandem Recumbent Trikes

Their tandem Recumbent trikes are a godsend for folks with family members with mobility issues as they can help them stay active when an upright bike or riding a solo Trike just isn't an option anymore. This has proven to be a real life changer for many people who couldn't get out on a bike otherwise.