TerraTrike - Recumbent Trikes

TerraTrike Rover i8
A Revolution in Triking The Rover has introduced more people to trike ri...
TerraTrike Rover x8
A Revolution in Triking. The Rover has introduced more people to trike r...
TerraTrike Wide Rover Seat Frame
Get another 2" of width over the stock Rover seat by upgrading to this dire...
TerraTrike Head Rest
Sometimes a rider desires a little extra support for their head and neck, e...
TerraTrike Deluxe Trunk Pack
As a great addition to the TerraTrike Rear Rack, the Deluxe Trunk Pack is a...
TerraTrike 20-inch Deluxe Front Fender Set
A must for wet weather conditions, these fenders protect from dirt and wate...
TerraTrike Rear Rack
The TerraTrike Rear Rack provides additional storage options for your trike...
TerraTrike Wide Handlebars - Rover/Rambler/Traveler
The Wide Handlebar option made especially for the Rover offers comfort and ...
TerraTrike Seat Mesh - Wide Rover
- Seat mesh for the Wide Seat Frame - Breathable mesh for good moisture wi...
TerraTrike Trunk Pack
Bring your lunch! Because the Trunk Pack contains a large main compartment ...
TerraTrike Lumbar Support Set
For riders looking for added lower back support, the customizable Lumbar Su...
TerraTrike Teardrop Flag
$49.95 - $49.99
Be seen with this highly visible teardrop style flag. Made from very sturdy...
TerraTrike 20-inch Deluxe Rear Fender
In foul weather conditions this rear fender protects you from dirt and wate...
TerraTrike Full Seat Cushion
Get the most out of your ride by adjusting the fit of the seat. The Full Se...
TerraTrike Seat Bag
At 135 cubic inches, the Seat Bag is a great "catch all." Fitting your cell...
TerraTrike Grip Glove
The TerraTrike Grip Glove is the perfect way to secure your hand(s) to your...
TerraTrike Bottle Pocket
You can now put a water bottle pretty much anywhere on your trike! The Terr...
TerraTrike Safety Flag
Safety is important and so is looking good. Don't compromise either with th...
TerraTrike Accessory Mount - Boom
This handy accessory mount can be installed on the boom of your TerraTrike....
TerraTrike Accessory Mount - Handlebar
This handy accessory mount can be installed in multiple locations on the ha...
TerraTrike Seat Wedge Cushion
The TerraTrike Seat Wedge Cushion may seem simple, but packs a big punch in...
TerraTrike Accessory Mount - Rover
This accessory mount can be attached to the end of a Rover Boom using the b...
TerraTrike Flag Extension
$13.99 - $14.95
Show your pride with our military themed extension flags. These 8.5" X 13" ...
TerraTrike Angled Bottle Cage Bracket
Reaching your water bottle becomes even easier by repositioning your bottle...

Picture of folks riding TerraTrike recumbent Trikes on a forested path

WizWheelz Inc., the company that designs and manufactures the TerraTrike was founded in 1996 by a couple of life-long friends Jack Wiswell & Wayne Oom.

The first sketch of a TerraTrike recumbent trikeWhat started out as a rough sketch on a Christmas party cocktail napkin- like so many great ideas - has organically grown into the recumbent industry's darling that is known for its super high quality and low weight.

Our TerraTrike Rover

Their Rover Model is responsible for more people riding a recumbent Trike than any other trike on the market. Period.

Their Trikes are super reliable, reasonably priced, and incredibly versatile

Tandem TerraTrike Recumbent Trike

Their tandem Recumbent trikes are a godsend for folks with family members with mobility issues as they can help them stay active when an upright bike or riding a solo Trike just isn't an option anymore. This has proven to be a real life changer for many people who couldn't get out on a bike otherwise.